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Why Goats Milk?

5 good reasons to start using goats milk.

  1. Not a chemical counterfeit
  2. Anti Inflammatory properties
  3. Loaded with essentials
  4. Treats Acne naturally
  5. Avoid using Sodium Lauryl Sulfates


In a nutshell, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of chemically mass produced commercial soaps and body care. Such are these dangerous and harmful to the health ingredients, marketed for cleaning us is actually… stripping the skin of it's natural elements, causing in effect diseases and allergies in the long term, to ones skin and health. Consumers are becoming much more aware, these days that suddenly switching to more naturally , environmentally friendly, organic bodycare products are a much better option.


Goats Milk products are gaining much popularity these days due to their wonderful benefits. Studies have now come to light,  at the amazing microbial organisims that Goats milk contains to help those who suffer with acne and Eczema  with its anti bacterial benefits to stop the further spread of acne and soothes the itchy dry skin that is Eczema.


Goats milk is packed with nutrients such as Vitamin D, C, B1, B6, B12 and E these help to feed and nourish the skin, keeping our skin healthy and maintaining balanced  PH levels.


Goats milk has an inflammatory  property, due to its high fat molecule, the cream from the goats milk is so rich in natural fats that it moisturizes and helps sooth dry, cracked damaged skin. So that humble cheap commercial soap that you reach for, is actually damaging your skin in the long term with it's abrasive chemicals called Sodium Lauryl sulfate which can be stored in the human body and never broken down by the liver causing toxicity for a person's entire lifetime.