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Many soaps and soap makers  claim to contain pure, natural ingredients… the fact remains that some companies still use chemically based products that are harsh for the skin and as a result we have people all over the world suffering from skin chronic skin issues. while many ingredients may be “natural” they may not be actually good for your skin and this is why so many people are turning to Scentsational Handmade Soaps to supply them with luxurious soaps, that don’t cause allergies or irritate their skin.


Skin is the largest organ of the body, so just like the moto…" you are what you eat!" so it makes sense to only put ingredients on your skin that are gentle & safe and made with natural botanicals, rich earth clays that have had impurities removed, essential oils that are pure, not fragrant scented oils that are still chemically modified and reconstitued. PALM OIL FREE there is NO such thing as PALM OIL friendly soaps or that they have been harvested in the right way, deforestation and Animals are being killed, maimed and destroyed because they have an abundance of palm nut kernals and migrate in the thousands , becoming a pest to the crops. 9 years ago we were ignorant to the Palm Oil  and the devestatiions, but due to public and our own stand on it, we haven't used it since 2008 and we think great soaps can still made if not better! with out PALM OIL.


Scentsational Handmade Soaps are all free of

  • Sodium Laurel Sulfates
  • Animal Fats
  • Artifical Additives
  • No Palm oil used in any of our products


We use only the purest natural ingredients in our hand-made soaps, including Australian grown olive oil, Coconut oil and Unpaturized goats milk 100% Essential oils, natural earth clays and pure Victorian Stringybark honey for healing properties straight from the Bee hive farmer. Our soaps contain herbal ingredients that can assist with healing certain skin conditions, including allergies, dermatitis & acne. Each soap is enriched with vegetable glycerin which moisturises and adds nourishment to the skin.


Why not try it for yourself, and discover the difference that Scentsational Handmade Soaps can make for you …But be warned: once you feel the creamy rich texture of our soaps, you’ll never go back to your old soap again!